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Clan Information

Statistics Summary
Clan Name:zm_try_hards  (1 members)
Homepage:Not Specified
Average Member Points:7,642 (Average Position: 20)
Total Kills:2,635 (Hs per Kill: 20%)
Total Deaths:6,009 (with Hs: 13%)
Kills per Death:0.44 (Kills per Minute: 0.03)
Connection Time:69 days 13:16:45 hours
Average Connection Time:69 days 13:16:45 hours
Longest Kill Streak:7 Kills
Rounds:28,526 (Win.: 9,984, Loss.: 7,741)
Win Ratio:35%
Survived Rounds:16,705 Rounds (59%)
Weapon Accuracy:19% (Shots per Kill: 460.81)

Clan Members

# Name Position Points Activity Time Kills Clan Kills Deaths Kpd Hs Hpk
1  zm_try_hards Fatal 20 7,642 12% 69d 13:16h 2,635 100% 6,009 0.44 526 20%

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